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Thinking of Excluding Dynamic Characters ? Think Again

There is something fresh about unpredictability. Your interest is always heightened about someone or something in particular. The itch of what is going to transpire almost immediately keeps burning you. Most of the time it’s hardly what you guessed. If it is , let’s just you were lucky this time. You have dynamic characters to thank for this variations of emotions. Their charm lies in their ability to be unpredictable. Just when you think you’ve had about enough of them, they catch you unawares with what they do next. They are driven by the very tide of life . They are the perfect illustration of what going along the grain means. This might be why you need to grab yourself a ticket and go experience their evolving nature.

Lucky for you , you have the advantage of not having them as depressingly good individuals at your first encounter with them. The first impression they give you might be of narcissistic individuals who are in the conquer the world and rule it kind of business. However much you may like to hate them you are invited into their world just before they became as such and can easily understand where they are coming from. It occurs to you that they are no more than battered individuals who have a grudge with life and do not mind taking it off with other people. The only unfortunate result in their pursuit is that people who may not have contributed a dollop to their situation or have no idea of it end up suffering along with everyone else. It’s even possible that they begin as selfless individuals who are working for the greater good till life offers them a major blow.

They have their plans laid out but just before rolling them out they come across this one person that has them have a change of heart. They ponder of whether the world is indeed as mean as the image they had of it initially. Their personality will gradually change to match their present attitudes towards life. They give you a narrative to work with and allow the story to continue. Their traits are likely to change again if for instance they are exposed to other life milestones like that of loss. Their major game changer is their aspect of unpredictability inspired by the events around their lives.
Yet with them you can never tell. They might have actually reformed or turned into their old ways a fact that may prove difficult to reach a conclusion on. You might come to find out what may look like a lip back to their fallen ways might actually be a plot. They might have decided to keep their old self card to play it whenever appropriate. Suddenly you realize that you got them all wrong again. Who doesn’t want to get a feel of the unexpected and ever so captivating characters?

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