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Differences between Crabs and Shrimps

Crabs and shrimps are one of the most popular seafood that people enjoy eating. Crabs and shrimps are both invertebrates, belong to the Crustacean family, and have ten legs. The habitat for crabs are coastal regions of salty, fresh, and brackish waters. In addition, some other types of shrimps thrive on land. Shrimps, on the other hand, mainly live in temperate, fresh, and tropical salt waters. Shrimps are crawlers whereas crabs are swimmers.

Crabs can be consumed as meat, cake, Louie, or can be added to salads. The best edible crabs are king crabs, Dungeness crabs, snow crabs, lump crabs, and blue crabs. The Dungeness crabs have a sweet, flaky, tender, and succulent taste. The king crab meat are white in color and very delicious. When eating the king crab, one must use a cracker to break the hard spiny leg clusters to get to the meat inside the spears.

Every seafood buffets has the sweet snow crabs. Snow crab legs are easy to break with bare hands. Lump crabs have a sweet taste and can be added to salads. Blue crab meat is known for its salty but sweet and delicious taste. The whole carcass must be dissected and gills, legs, and claws removed for you to access the meat. Crabs can be steamed, grilled, fried, and baked.
The best type of shrimps to look out for in restaurants are brown shrimps like Mexican brown shrimps and Northern brown shrimps. Depending on the diet, brown shrimps have different flavors like mild sweetness, iodine, and earthy. Barbecuing, frying, boiling, and baking are some of the ways of preparing shrimps.

There are several tips that you must consider when purchasing shrimps and crabs in the marketplace. The most important tip is purchasing shrimps and crabs from the finest fish markets around your place of residence. You can only find fresh shrimps and crabs from these finest fish markets within your place of residence. The sellers can tell you more about the crabs and shrimps and how to prepare them. For shrimps, only buy those that are frozen and whole.

Whole shrimps are very vital since their shells help in preventing the frozen parts from losing moisture. There is nothing more boring like dry shrimps.Ignore shrimps with shiny shells.When buying crabs, only go for those that are alive. It is very important to buy crabs that are alive since dead ones have rotten carcasses. Before purchasing crabs, make sure that the crabs were stored in dry places since they quickly lose their reservoirs when stored in water tanks. Lastly, the crabs must be odourless.

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